ITSM & IdM Convergence = Request Orchestration

Organizations continue to be challenged by increasingly complex compliance and regulatory demands, while simultaneously being pressured by shrinking budgets. Faced with the seemingly impossible paradox to “do more with less”, many organizations are struggling to effectively understand what accounts and entitlements users hold across various enterprise systems. Up to now, organizations have been on a never-ending treadmill of periodic reviews which have become a costly, time consuming burden on the business. This after-the-fact approach may satisfy the auditors but does very little to improve the root cause of the problem – users having inappropriate access.

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N8 Identity Inc. Unveils Workforce Identity And Access Management Tool

Retail TouchPoints | Solution Spotlight

The proliferation of store technologies across channels, combined with high employee turnover rates, makes managing retail system security exceptionally challenging for most retailers. Onboarding, offboarding and changes in responsibilities all require fast, accurate management of employee access rights in order to maintain high-speed customer service while protecting system and application security.

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Do You Know Who Has Access To Your Data?

Integrated Solutions for Retailers | Bob Johns

Big Data is the king of retail now. Whether you are talking about customer, inventory, financial, or employee data, information is the key to driving retail growth. Think about it. Every system or solution used in retail is now feeding the company information. The POS is tracking basket size, exceptions, number of items purchased, speed of checkout, and a million other things. The IP surveillance cameras are capturing traffic data, demographics, conversion, wait times, and customer service. The CRM is tracking preferences, purchase histories, and loyalty. The WFM system is tracking hours, payroll, skill levels, tasks completed, and training.

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N8 Identity Enables Compliance and Reduces Risk with its New Approach to Identity and Access Governance

Data Center POST | Jay O’Donnell

“The majority of vendor solutions take a reactive approach to identity management (IAM) by allowing policy violations to occur and then reporting on access violations after the fact. Our flagship product, Employee Lifecycle Manager (ELM), is breaking new ground in the IAM industry by taking a proactive approach and preventing inappropriate access from being granted and identity governance violations from occurring in the first place. This ensures continued compliance with SOX, HIPAA, PIPEDA and other federal security regulations.”

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Bringing Tech and Business Together

Sarbanes-Oxley | Jay O’Donnell

“Compliance requirements are a big driver for IT teams in charge of identity and access management (IAM). Previously confined to the chief information security officer’s office, Sarbanes Oxley and other federal guidelines are making IAM a business-wide concern. Understanding who should have access to what information within a business is a deceptively complicated problem that has the potential to spark arguments among even the best relationships across the company.”

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