N8 Identity Unveils Identity and Access Governance Solution: ELM for Retail™

Burlington, ONTARIO – June 18, 2013 – N8 Identity Inc., Canada’s leading dedicated identity and access management (IAM) solution provider, today announced the release of Employee Lifecycle Manager for Retail™. This new product, based on N8 Identity’s flagship IAM solution Employee Lifecycle Manager® (ELM™), was designed to eliminate governance, access and risk problems unique to the retail industry.

Retail industry requirements:

  • Compliance on scale: The proliferation of technology out to the store network means that retailers must manage employee access rights at an incredible volume. In addition, the reality of annual turnover rates approaching 75 percent or more translates into an IAM nightmare for many retailers. ELM for Retail delivers a simplified attestation process that certifies access on a massive scale with minimal effort and complexity, even for retailers juggling thousands of employees over hundreds of locations.
  • Real-time on-boarding and offboarding: “On-demand” onboarding enables new employees to be onboarded and receive appropriate system accounts and access within minutes of being hired, with offboarding just as easy. This helps solve the IAM challenges and complexity presented by same-day onboarding and immediate offboarding native to the high-turnover retail workforce.
  • Easy access rights provisioning: ELM for Retail’s rule engine and federated IAM environment easily enables task-based identity management at the store level for employees who are temporary, working in multiple locations or transferring to a different store.
  • Integration with retail-specific solutions: ELM for Retail provides “out of the box” integration with everyday retail and corporate technologies, including POS, HRMS, ATS and ITSM tools. This drastically reduces the costs associated with customizing generic IAM solutions.

ELM for Retail delivers measurable business benefits to retailers. Capabilities such as certification of access, segregation of duties (SoD) enforcement and consistent compliance controls across enterprise systems significantly improve the security posture of N8 Identity’s retail clients. In addition, ELM for Retail comes prepackaged with full interoperability with many of the retail industry’s most-used applications, including POS, inventory management and ERP (including SAP), timekeeping, Portal, LMS and others, accelerating time to value by decreasing the need for customization.

Supporting Quotes:
Leslie Hand, research director, IDC Retail Insights
“Managing employee access rights and task assignments at volume despite massive levels of churn is an ongoing problem for retailers. These challenges are compounded by the rise of the empowered omni-channel consumer whose cross-portal engagement habits must be tracked and managed by the retailer as well. Retailers need identity and access management solutions that understand the unique challenges of the retail business while helping support the bottom line.”

Jay O’Donnell, president and CEO of N8 Identity, said:
“N8 Identity understands the unique challenges facing retailers today. Omni-channel customer experiences, exploding technology requirements within the stores, and razor-thin margins make it imperative that the IAM solution selected delivers compliance, process efficiencies and cost savings. In our experience, the rapid churn and scale of the identities to be managed across a variety of complex scenarios are poorly addressed by general purpose IAM solutions. ELM for Retail solves the expanding governance challenges faced by retailers by delivering continuous identity compliance, automated business processes and lower costs.”

About N8 Identity:
N8 Identity is Canada’s leading dedicated identity and access management (IAM) solution provider. Based on its industry-leading IAM software solution – ELM™ – N8 Identity delivers proactive identity and access orchestration through the complete lifecycle of a user within an organization: onboarding, change in responsibility, ad-hoc self-service and offboarding. This proactive process-based solution provides improved identity governance, compliance, security, visibility and decision support to business managers. Augmenting its clients’ existing infrastructure, ELM is ready-to-use and delivered as a managed service, resulting in accelerated implementation and quicker time to value. N8 Identity is a privately held company headquartered in Burlington, Ontario. For more information, please visit http://www.n8id.com

Corporate Contact:
Anita Tam | Vice President, Brand & People | Tel. (416) 800-4429 | anita.tam@n8id.com

Media Contact:
Peggy Tierney | Account Manager | Tel. (831) 440-2405 | peggy.tierney@nadelphelan.com

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