N8 Identity’s ELM Utility is a turn-key SaaS (Software as a Service) offering for employee onboarding, change in responsibility and offboarding processes.

The ELM Utility allows you to immediately realize the value of our ELM™ solution. Inclusive of all hardware, software and service requirements, the ELM Utility is delivered and maintained as a fully functioning security infrastructure to serve your company’s IAM needs.

The ELM Utility offers a compelling set of benefits:

  1. Rapid deployment Uses pre-integrated identity access components and N8 Identity’s Quick-Connect implementation to simplify integration and dramatically accelerate time to value.
  2. Improved capital efficiency The ELM Utility is available through a low monthly fee, so you will see instant savings – there are NO upfront infrastructure or software licensing costs.
  3. Worry-free support The ELM Utility is fully managed by N8 Identity’s Governance and Operations Support Centre.
  4. Business workflow processes The ELM Utility includes ELM that includes fully auditable business processes to manage employee onboarding, change in responsibility and offboarding.
  5. Systems integration The ELM Utility integrates directly with your HR and service desk systems providing comprehensive enterprise process tracking across both manual and automated provisioning activities.
  6. Automated account provisioning Predefined business process workflows will automate account provisioning in target systems such as:
    • Active Directory Account
    • Exchange Mailbox
    • User’s Home directory (LAN)
    • Active Directory Group Management
    • Virtually any other system