Our consultants are industry leaders in their respective areas of focus, providing depth of technical and/or vertical domain expertise. We have helped our clients meet their unique security and compliance objectives using the industry’s best-of-breed products.

Proven approach focuses on delivering quick, measurable results

An effective IAM program requires a solution that addresses both technical and business requirements.

The technical requirements include:

  • Enterprise user repositories and/or LDAP infrastructures
  • Administrative and access rules/policies
  • Security infrastructures
  • Multi-platform authentication and authorization frameworks
  • Secure application architectures

The business requirements include:

  • Technology governance and analytics
  • Customer/partner/employee business processes
  • User management/provisioning processes
  • Customer relationship management

N8 Identity brings a proven delivery methodology and framework for success.

Solution delivery principals

N8 Identity’s approach to IAM solutions implementation is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Clearly defined business objectives and requirements to manage the scope of the project
  • A practical, business-oriented approach to realize value through the delivery of key technologies and processes
  • Comprehensive planning and monitoring of progress
  • A dedicated combined functional and technical project team with the appropriate skills
  • Functional and technical knowledge transfer to the client project team
  • Understanding of the technology on core business functions to demonstrate how the IAM solution can streamline the flow of information and/or refine business/technical processes
  • A phased implementation approach to ease the IAM service into both the business processes and the organization

Our implementation strategies to ensure success include:

  • Deliver early and often – divide the project into phases to allow delivery of modules throughout the project instead of delivering the entire system at the end
  • Leverage proven best practices, approaches, tools and techniques, developed through similar customer engagements
  • Risk management is a key element in the success of any major implementation project – use a formal risk identification and management process as an integral part of the project management methodology

Delivery methodology

N8 Identity’s rapid implementation methodology was designed to streamline the implementation of IAM solutions. This iterative process includes four key delivery phases: